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Orchard Shop

We have an orchard shop based at Cafe Irresistiblue, where you can purchase our delicious organic blueberry products.

You can purchase all of our delicious organic blueberry treats, including:

Fresh organic blueberries – (October – April, weather dependent)

Frozen organic blueberries – 500g bag & 10kg box

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries – 200ml & 500ml bottles

Organic Blueberry Wine – 750ml bottle

Blue Juice – organic blueberry & apple juice – 275ml bottles

Organic Blueberry Powder – 150g pouch

Organic blueberry jam – 45g & 200g jars

Organic blueberry spread – 45g & 200g jars

Organic blueberry chutney – 45g & 190g jars

Organic blueberry salad dressing – 250ml bottles

Organic blueberry sauce – 250ml bottles

Organic blueberry ice-cream – 100ml & 400ml tub

Organic blueberry sorbet – 100ml & 350ml tub

Organic blueberry soap

Organic blueberry lip balm

Organic blueberry body lotion

Blueberry recipe book

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