All Day Menu

Starters & Snacks

Ploughman’s Sharing Platter with freshly toasted bread served with a salmon dill dip, crispy capers & our own organic blueberry chutney, baked Brie, dukkah. $24.00

Curly Fries (GF)(V) served with house aioli. $8.50

Caramelised Onion & Cheese Cobb (V) Artisan Cobb loaf stuffed with caramelised onion & cheese served with blueberry chutney. $8.00

Brunch & Lunch

Orchard Big Breakfast (GF available) Organic eggs cooked your way, on toasted rye with free range bacon, pork fennel breakfast sausage,, hash brown, house made beans, grilled Portobello mushroom & our own organic blueberry chutney. $25.00

Eggs Benedict (V)(GF) soft poached organic eggs nestled on potato hash, wilted kale & house hollandaise sauce & organic blueberry chutney. $18.00.

Vegetarian Omelette (V) (GF & DF available) with sauteed Portobello mushroom, capsicum, onion, courgette & kale, roasted red pepper tomato sauce & organic blueberry chutney. $17.00

Vege Brekkie (V) (VE available) Organic eggs cooked your way, on toasted rye with vegetarian sausage, hash browns, house made beans, grilled Portobello mushroom & our own organic blueberry chutney. $22.00

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms (V)(GF & VE available) A mixture of mushrooms cooked in a creamy garlic sauce served with toasted rye & organic blueberry chutney. $17.00

Blueberry Buttermilk Hot Cakes (V) Delicious house made buttermilk hot cakes with blueberry compote, maple syrup & blueberry dust. $18.00

Vegetarian Sweet Corn Fritter Stack (V)(GF) Sweet corn fritters on fresh salad greens, topped with grilled organic Hokonui Halloumi & tomato red pepper & sweet chilli salsa, drizzled with balsamic reduction & basil pesto. $18.00.

Oma’s Dutch Croquettes (V option) Traditional beef or vegetable croquettes served on a creamy mash potato, steamed broccoli, pickled red cabbage & mustard aioli. $21.00

Winter Korma Curry Seasonal winter vegetables, aromatic infused spices, finished with coconut cream, served with couscous, fresh herbs & toasted cashews. $18.00

Monavale’s Venison & Blueberry Pie Succulent venison cooked through a blueberry wine jus & vegetable stew, enclosed in a pastry case, served on a potato mash with steamed greens, crispy shallots & organic blueberry chutney. $24.00

Blue Chick Burger (GF available) Free range chicken breast, melted brie cheese, blueberry chutney served on a Bella Pene bun, with chunky fries & house made aioli. $23.00

NZ King Salmon Fillet (GF) Crispy skinned salmon resting on a winter lentil salad, roasted root vegetables, steamed greens, finished with a fresh house made red pepper tomato sauce & crispy capers. $26.00

Blue Belly (GF) Succulent free range pork belly rwith mashed potato, blueberry & apple sauce, steamed broccoli, pickled red cabbage, mustard & aioli. $24.00

Butternut & Mushroom Cannelloni Roasted butternut & mushrooms encased in a cannelloni pasta case covered with a tomato capsicum sauce topped with hot melted mozzarella cheese, served with steamed greens. $18.00

Portobello Burger & Tempeh Fried (VE)(V)(GF)(DF) Kumara falafel quinoa patty with beetroot hummus, lettuce, onion, red pepper, encased in portobello mushrooms & served with tempeh chips & cashew aioli. $16.00

Winter Nourish Bowl (V)(GF)(DF) Roast vegetable lentils, red pepper tomato sauce, pickled red cabbage, edamame beans, kale, broccoli, poached organic egg & organic blueberry chutney. $17.00

Monavale’s Venison & Blueberry Pie
Organic blueberry tart
Glass of Blue Juice $35.00 or
Glass of Blueberry Wine $39.00

Children’s Menu

Kids’ meal deal is suitable for children 12 years and under and includes:
1 x kid’s meal from the menu below
1 x glass of ‘Blue Juice’ organic blueberry & apple juice
1 x kid’s cone or kid’s tub of organic blueberry ice cream or sorbet

Kids Brekkie (GF available) Organic egg, free range bacon, hash brown, house made beans, toasted rye & tomato sauce $11.00

Kid’s Chick Burger Free range chicken breast, resting on a bed of fresh sakad, enclosed in a bun, served with curly fries & tomato sauce. $11.00

Kid’s Hot Cakes (V) House made buttermilk hot cakes with blueberry compote, maple syrup & blueberry dust. $11.00

Kid’s Pita Pizza & Chips (V) House made tomato & capsicum sauce, with grilled cheese on top of a pita bread & served with curly fries. $11.00

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

All of our hot drinks are made with organic ingredients, including the milk and sugar.

Short Black $4.00
Long Black, Vienna, Macchiato $4.20
Flat White, Cappuccino $4.80
Latte, Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate $5.00
Mochaccino $5.20
Affogato $6.50
Fluffy $1.50
Tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Peppermint) $4.20
Blueberry Tea $4.20
Sencha Green Tea*, Chai Tea* $4.20

Extra shot $0.50
Decaf $0.50
Soy Milk $0.80
Almond Milk $0.80
Take-Away – add $0.50
Syrups – caramel*, vanilla*, hazelnut* $0.70

(*not organic)

Cold Drinks

Organic Cold Drinks

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries – Manufactured by Monavale Blueberries – 200ml. Packed with antioxidants. Delicious and super healthy! $9.00

Blue Juice – organic apple & blueberry juice 275ml – Manufactured by Monavale Blueberries. Rich in antioxidants and tasty too! $5.00

Blueberry Smoothie $7.50

Blueberry Millkshake $7.00

Iced Coffee/ Iced Chocolate/ Iced Mocha $7.00

Blue Dude Organic ice-cream, Blue Juice, lemonade $6.50

Organic Drinks,/strong>Ginger Beer/ Lemonade/ Cola/ sugar-free Cola/ Orangeade/ Orange & Mango/ Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit/ Apple Juice/ Lemon, Lime & Bitters $5.00

Non Organic DrinksSparkling water/ Tonic water/ Dry Ginger Ale/ Soda Water $5.00

Wine List


Loveblock Organic Sauvignon Blanc Glass $10.00 Bottle $44.00

Brancott Estate Flight Low Alcohol Sauvignon Blanc Malborough 2014 Glass $9.00 Bottle $40.00

Brancott Estate Living Land Malborough 2013 Organic Chardonnay Glass $9.00 Bottle $40.00

Turanga Creek ‘Le Pur’ Pinot Gris BioGro certified ORGANIC. Glass $10.00 Bottle $44.00

Terrace Edge Riesling. Glass $10.50 Bottle $48.00

Vilagrad Winery Charminer. Glass $8.00. Bottle $35.00


Sunset Valley Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 – BioGro certified Organic Glass $9.50 Bottle $44.00

Turanga Creek Merlot-Malbec – BioGro certified Organic Glass $9.50 Bottle $42.00

Villa Maria Private Bin Merlot BioGro certified ORGANIC Glass $10.00 Bottle $44.00

Aurum 2015 Organic Pinot Gris Rose Glass $9.00 Bottle $46.00

Our very own. Medium, dry and delicious Glass $8.00 Bottle $30.00


Deutz Malborough Curvee Brut 200ml bottle $12.00

Lindauer Special Reserve 750ml bottle $35.00

Beer & Spirits


Corona/ Steinlager Pure/ Heineken/ Speights Gold
Waikato/ Amstel Light low alcohol (2%)/ Bitburger (0%) $9.00

Apple Cider $9.00


. . . . . . . single $7.00 . . . . . . . double $9.00

Served with your choice of mixer (lemonade, cola, ginger beer, juice)

Smirnoff Vodka
Gordons Gin
McKenna Bourbon
Capt Morgan Rum

. . . . . . . single $8.00 . . . . . . . double $11.00

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


Our very own liqueur made here at Monavale Blueberries:

Ruby blueberry liqueur, smooth and sweet single $6.00

Cocktails $12.00

Feijoa Mule – feijoa liqueur, lime & ginger beer
Chestnut Frappe – Chestnut liqueur, hazelnut syrup, baileys, cream
Ruby Cocktail – blueberry liqueur, sparkling wine

Function Menu’s

Plated Lunch 10+ Guests

$20 per person
Choose 1 item from main and dessert menu

Main Options
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Quiche served with a garden salad and organic blueberry chutney
Dutch Croquettes beef or vegetarian, served with a garden salad & mustard aoili
Smashed Avocado & roast tomato on rye toast served with organic blueberry chutney

Dessert Options
Organic Blueberry Muffin
Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie served with Cream
Organic Blueberry Tart served with Cream

Buffet Lunch or Dinner Menu for 30+ Guests

$40 per person


Maple Glazed Ham with mustard & chutney
Braised Mint Lamb Shoulder with jus
Roasted Baby Harissa Potatoes
Roast Vege Cous Cous Salad
Buttered Green Beans with toasted almonds


Mini Pavlova with fresh fruit and whipped cream
Mini Christmas Pudding with creme Anglaise

Dinner Menu for 30+ Guests
-a la carte menu

$55 per person

For the Table

Breads & Spreads Platter
or Antipasto Platter


Slow Roasted Scotch Fillet with kumara herb rosti, kale slaw, onion rings & blueberry chutney

Thai Chicken Curry with turmeric rice, roast cashew nuts & fresh coriander (GF)

Roast Cauliflower & Celeriac Salad with beetroot puree, seaweed chips, baby watercress, feta cheese & turmeric roast nuts (V, GF)


Chocolate Brownie served with blueberry compote, organic vanilla ice cream and freshly whipped cream (GF)

Organic Blueberry Tart with dark chocolate shards, caramel sauce and freshly whipped cream

Tea or Percolated Coffee

Dinner Menu for 30+ Guests
-a la carte menu

30+ guests – $60 per person

(over 50 guests should pre-order or choose buffet option)


Bruschetta tomato, basil, blueberries & goat’s feta with tumeric dukkha


Harissa Smoked NZ Salmon with kumara crisps, lemon dill aioli & baby watercress


Rare, Slow Roasted Organic Scotch Fillet with horseradish potato gratin, crisp green beans & vanilla jus


Sage Bitter Grilled Chicken Breast with pea puree, smashed baby potatoes & a lemon balsamic dressing


Polenta Vegetable & Organic Halloumi Stack with rosemary & chilli polenta chips, roast seasonal vegetables, Retro Organic halloumi cheese, beetroot puree & vegan basil pesto


Chocolate & Almond Torte served with creme Anglaise & organic blueberry ice cream

Baked Lemon Tart served with creme Anglaise & organic blueberry sorbet

Cheese Platter – Over The Moon cheeses, crostini & organic blueberry chutney

Dessert/ Sweet Treats

Muffin of the Day (V) $4.50

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake (V)(GF) Served with your choice of freshly whipped cream or unsweetened yoghurt. $6.00 With organic vanilla or yoghurt flavoured ice cream $10.00

Organic Blueberry Tart (V) Our famous organic blueberry tart, served with your choice of freshly whipped cream or unsweetened yoghurt $6.00 with organic vanilla or yoghurt flavoured ice cream $10.00

Chocolate, Blueberry & Chia Brownie (V)(GF) served with your choice of freshly whipped cream or unsweetened yoghurt $6.00 with organic vanilla or yoghurt flavoured ice cream $10.00

Rhubarb, Apple & Blueberry Crumble Pie (V) served with your choice of freshly whipped cream or unsweetened yoghurt $6.00 with organic vanilla or yoghurt flavoured ice cream $10.00

Affogato (V) Organic vanilla ice cream served with a double shot of organic coffee $6.50 or add a shot of Baileys liqueur $10.50

Real Fruit Organic Blueberry Ice Cream (V) Organic Blueberries blended with your choice of organic or yoghurt flavoured ice-cream Kids Cone or Tub $4.50, Waffle Cone or Tub $5.00
Add a mini Cadbury chocolate flake 0.80 cents

Organic Blueberry Sorbet (VE)(DF)(GF) Tub $5.00

Our organic ice creams and sorbet are vegetarian and Gluten Free, but the cones contain gluten.

Ask your server for other daily specials and cabinet options.

We can also make a cake for your special celebration – please discuss with our manager or chef. If you would like to bring your own cake there will be a $3 per person/ plate charge.


Each platter designed to serve 10 people.

Great for business meetings, staff treats, business shouts, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, group get-togethers and more.

Must be pre-ordered two days in advance.

$65.00 – Breads & Spreads
A selection of freshly baked breads and chef’s selection of dips

$90.00 – Cheese Platter
A selection of local and New Zealand made cheeses with chutney, fresh breads, crackers and fruit

$60.00 – Fruit Platter
A selection of fresh fruit slices & kebabs served with yoghurt.

$100.00 – Canape Platter
Chef’s selection of savoury and sweet from our canape menu

$80.00 – Antipasta Platter
A selection of cold meats, gherkins, olives, sun-dried tomato, cheeses, pesto, breads & crackers

$60.00 – Club Sandwich Platter
A selection of meat and vegetarian club sandwiches

$80.00 – Sweet Treats Platter
Chef’s selection of sweet treats such as organic blueberry muffins, ginger slice, organic blueberry tart, gluten free brownie, blueberry slice, caramel slice

Talk to us to find out more on 0800 4 BERRIES (office) or 07 834 3501 (cafe)



We recommend you offer 4-6 items per person
All items are subject to change due to seasonal availability
Dietary requirements can be accommodated upon request

Minimum 20 guests & 4 items per person

$4 each
– Gruyere Cheese Puffs (GF) (V)
– Assorted bruschetta – salmon, caper & cream cheese; cherry tomato pesto & caramelised onion
– Three cheese, mushroom & parmesan arancini balls (V)
– Vege critters with basil pesto & tomato, red pepper salsa (GF)(V)
– Rosemary & Lamb koftas with blueberry chutney (GF)(DF)
– Sweet chilli mango cream cheese filoette (V)
– Smoked chicken cream cheese filoette
– Beef cheek, blue cheese & blueberry tart
– Chilli & garlic prawns with aioli
– Fresh tomato, chilli & coriander salsa oysters (GF)

$4 each
– Orange & almond baby cake (GF)(V)
– Blueberry custard doughnuts (V)
– Blueberry cheesecake bites (GF available)(V)
– Mini lemon curd meringue tart (V)
– Organic mini blueberry slice (V)
– Mini Dutch apple pies (V)
– Chocolate & blueberry brownie bites (GF)(V)
– Organic mini blueberry tarts (V)




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